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Design your accountability partner for an intentional, fulfilling life.  

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76% of people regret not living up to their ideal selves.

Telos eliminates that regret.
In minutes, watch an intrinsic profile emerge of who you aspire to be.
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Intrinsic Profile
In your daily routine, Telos checks in on you to take 1 minute for yourself.
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Conversational Journal
Build momentum every week from actionable insights and challenges.
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Insights and Challenges
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Every detail backed by psychologists
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Intrinsic Profile
Your intrinsic profile is designed to act as a compass in today’s world. It organizes your big picture and primes you to show up as your best.

After a short onboarding chat with Telos, your profile will be automatically generated and you’ll be guided to revisit it regularly and update it as life evolves. Your profile includes a future vision you’re steering towards, the virtues that guide you, the habits that matter most, and the challenges to take action you’re committed to.

Have fun exploring. Your profile is interactive with clickable elements to learn more about the neuroscience behind each section and high performance secrets personalized for you.
Conversational Journal
Self-actualization is closing the gap between who you aspire to be and how you show up everyday. Telos is designed to empower you to do just that. It leverages its training in positive psychology to ask questions and provide support when you ask for it. Unlike other AIs trained to give you answers, Telos aims to guide you to your unique answers and meaningful next steps.

Telos is personalized around you and your schedule. While Telos is 24/7 available to chat, you set the times it can check in on you and invite you to pause for yourself. This makes journaling easier than ever, as simple as a quick text.

“Wait, I love my physical journal too.” Telos doesn’t aim to replace what’s working! If you do want to share any physical journal entries, simply take a photo of the page and share it in your chat. Tip: Make your Telos, yours.
Insights & Challenges
Every week, you receive insights into the patterns, trends, and connections in your life. This includes what you’ve been mentally focused on, how you’ve been feeling, and where you’ve been spending most of your time.

Insights are based on your reflections with Telos, as well as any data you connect for additional context (such as your calendar). Each insight is designed to encourage self-awareness and empower you to notice what’s working vs what’s not, and why.

Insight does not equal change. Read that again. Every week, in addition to your insights, you will receive personalized challenges to spark action in the areas that matter most to you. You can accept or decline a challenge, counter offer by editing it, or create a custom challenge for yourself.